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From a la carte workshops, to 1:1 coaching, to the all inclusive healing & cooking masterclass, you have come to the right place for healing.

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Reprogram The Subconscious

We all struggle with will power and self control. We self-sabotage and make excuses. Limiting beliefs are deeply engrained and embedded in who we are. Often hard to spot. Unlearning fears opens up new healing doors.

Mind & Body Cohesiveness

Health is much more than eating vegetables and drinking green juice. "Dis-ease" often stems from a combination of physical, emotional and mental blocks. Ideally the mind and body work together.

Plant-Based Healing Nutrition

From anti-virus diets to raw vegan cleansing and living a long term plant-based diet, you came to the right place. I can help you on your healing journey. 


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All The Tools You Need To Feel In Control of Your Health & Happiness.

For me healing my auto immune disease, started in the kitchen. But trust me, it didn't stop there. 20 years later I have first hand witnessed the importance of healing co-dependency, healing trauma, having an abundance mindset as being part of the key to true success, health, happiness and whole life healing. 

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All The Tools You Need To Build In Your Own Healing Kitchen. 

That's right, cooking should be fun, creative, and explorative. In addition to teaching you the basics of how to stock your fridge and pantry full of superfoods and delicious sauces, you will learn how to cook from the soul. Introducing The Art of Intuitive Cooking. 

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