It's time to forge a new path rich in health, wealth, happiness & success!

What would it look like if you acquired the tools needed to forge a new path in your life that was filled with health, wealth, happiness and success? A toolkit that also allowed you to continue to map your chosen probable future without the need or help from anyone other than yourself?

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Mindy Harris

"I've been waiting 25 long years for a system as whole, complete, & POWERFUL as Juli's program. I feel absolutely amazing in response to this new way of eating and thinking. My immune system is back to functioning instead of giving up. This course has literally saved my life." 

Julie Goldstein

"What I have been taught here in the past 6 weeks has literally changed my life. I feel extremely balanced and definitely notice a new inner and outer glow! I feel amazing. I sleep better. I feel stronger, and I am balanced. Take this program, it will change your life!"

Jamie Beronja

"Juli is a teacher that practices what she preaches. She's a wealth of knowledge. I've learned so much. Information is digestible & easy to understand. I recommend this program if you're looking to take your health & mind to the next level & become confident in the kitchen."

Trisha Rosewood

"Stepping out severe weight challenges and into growth, accountability, self love and confidence. This course gave me the courage, understanding and knowledge to conquer anything I set as a personal goal. What a breath or fresh air knowing I CAN become the best version of myself. " 

Gary Evans

"It turns out that eating a plant-based diet can change your life. My wife and I feel amazing, and lost so much weight. We also had such a wonderful time learning. The best part is how wonderful we feel now everyday: alive in the mornings, & enjoying deep rested full nights."

Rishon Wagner

"Juli's cleanse was one of the best things I have ever done. I didn't think I could make it very long on a mainly raw vegan plant-based diet but I loved it so much I'm still doing it and it's been over a month. Even after coaching, my whole family uses her recipes & techniques in our daily life. "

   It's time to realize, and master your true potential so that you can take back your power, and heal from any health concerns, & traumas that might have impeded you in the past from being in charge of your own health and happiness.

   It took me years to come up with this 6 step approach to health and happiness that I have now shared with hundreds of people just like you. First I mastered cooking and nutrition which gave me the body, energy & health I had always been looking for; I healed my physical health through discipline and control. Later in life, I realized my relationships had also been lacking in many areas and had been, unbeknownst to me at the time... toxic. Years later I worked through my past traumas and recognized, among other things, codependency. I paid top professionals to learn trauma healing and subconscious awareness to become a successful and powerful spiritual CEO.

   One of the things I learned during this time was how to take 100% responsibility for my life which in turn helped allow me to experience true freedom & transformation.  

   If I am the CEO of my life, I’m gonna show up as a BOSS, in charge of my finances, my happiness, my health, my relationships, and my free time! I have committed to no more frivolous gossip, judgment, or complaining. There is no longer room for those things when you radiate love and there’s no time for that when you’re on a mission of prosperity fueled by power, new-found confidence, and the ability to set and complete any goal put forth and into place.  

   I have all the tools needed to empower you to be the CEO of your own life as well. Let's take this journey and celebrate the results together!


Learn the exact protocol I used to self-heal from autoimmune disease. Hint, first step: fearless radical commitment! 

I started in the kitchen. But trust me, it didn't stop there. 20 years later I have first hand witnessed the importance of healing co-dependency, healing trauma, ridding toxic relationships, having an abundance mindset, manifesting and creating your dream life. Going plant-based was the precursor to my success, health, happiness and whole life healing. 

If you think you might be ready, join my Quantum Leap Health Program! 1:1 coaching.

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Who this program is for? 

☑️ those who haven't been able to lose weight for years.

☑️ those who want to gain confidence, self worth, mental clarity & better decision making.

☑️ those who want to upgrade their life, start thriving, & gain healthy cooking skills.

Who this program isn't for? 

❌ those just looking to lose 5 lbs

❌those who aren't willing to take accountability for their state of health & fully commit to change.

❌ those who aren't willing to let go of their old habits & ways of thinking about health.

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