Juli helps women with health concerns and "dis-ease" take their power back through committing to self love and healing.

It took me years to come up with this 6 step approach to health and happiness. First I mastered plant-based foods and diet; I healed my physical health through discipline and control. But later in life I realized my relationships were also lacking and well... toxic. 15 years later I worked through my past traumas and healed codependency. I paid top professionals to learn trauma healing and manifestation to become a spiritual CEO.

I learned to take 100% responsibility for my life and that is true freedom and transformation.  

If I am the CEO of my life, I’m gonna show up as a BOSS, in charge of my finances, my happiness, my health and my free time! I have committed to no more frivolous gossip, judgement and complaining. There is no room for those things when you radiate love and there’s not time for that when you’re on a mission of prosperity. 

I have spent 20+ years in the kitchen, educating myself, putting in the hours and time to be a great plant based chef. With a plant-based nutrition certification under my belt and manifestation training in Universal Law, I have all the tools needed to empower you be the CEO of your health and the kitchen as well. 

Juli's Early Life 

I have loved to cook from a very young age. In addition to making morning coffee and scones for friends before school each day, my first childhood job was as a baker at the popular coffee shop in town. I was responsible for making everything from croissants, to cinnamon rolls, to muffins and coffee cakes.

I would open the shop at 4a and bake until it opened at 7:30a. At that time, I would make coffees and serve customers. This is where I learned the basics of baking and customer service. 

While attending UCLA I learned that I had a debilitating autoimmune condition. At that point I looked to doctors for diagnosis and prognosis. I was told it would last my entire life and steroids were my only option.  

About a year into my disease I found a raw vegan cookbook. This book was so beautiful and challenged me from a culinary standpoint. I was intrigued. Making pasta from zucchini strands, bread from sprouted grains, granola from germinated buckwheat and meatballs from young coconuts? Amazing. It was this discovery that forever changed my life. Not only did I feel AMAZING while following this diet, I looked my best as well. And just a few weeks my autoimmune condition vanished. And never returned. 

From there I trained privately with master raw vegan chef Juliano. 

This entire lifestyle change led me to start my own health food CPG brand at age 24. My first sales account was Whole Foods Markets. My goal was to empower and encourage as many people as I could to take their health into their own hands; never let a bad prognosis control their life. 

I was selling gluten-free organic cookies and granola made with kale and chia seeds years before people even know what those things were. So my job was challenging as I was selling a product and also having to educate people on what it was I selling.

Only 3 years in we had offers from Kelloggs and Van's waffles to buy my company.

My products and recipes were seen in InStyle Magazine, C California, Yogi Times and more; and I've worked closely with Honest Company, Vuori Clothing, Annie's Organics, Whole Foods Markets, and more.

Inspiring Healing, Happiness, Creativity, &

Self Love.

From a la carte workshops, to one-on-one coaching, to the all inclusive healing & cooking masterclass, you have come to the right place for healing.

We all struggle with will power and self control. We self-sabotage and make excuses. Limiting beliefs are deeply engrained and embedded in who we are. Often hard to spot. Unlearning fears opens up new healing doors.

1:1 Coaching

Health is much more than eating vegetables and drinking green juice. "Dis-ease" often stems from a combination of physical, emotional and mental blocks. Ideally the mind and body work together.

Quantum Health Masterclass

Following recipes is so time consuming and feels like a chore. One of the best gifts you can give yourself is learning to cook from the soul. Restock your pantry, tap into your creativity and unlock confidence.

Mini Plant-based Nutrition Course

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