Juli helps women with health concerns and "dis-ease" take their power back through committing to self love and healing.

It took me years to come up with this 6 step approach to health and happiness. First I mastered plant-based foods and diet. I healed my physical health through discipline and control. But then I realized my relationships and other areas of my life were so lacking. 15 years later I worked through my past traumas and healed co dependency. I paid top professionals to learn trauma healing and manifestation to become a spiritual CEO. But most importantly I learned to take 100% responsibility for my life and that is true freedom.  

If I am the CEO of my life I’m gonna show up as a BOSS, in charge of my finances, my happiness, my health and my free time! I committed to no more frivolous gossip, judgement and complaining. There is no room for those things when you radiate love and there’s not time for that when you’re on a mission of prosperity. 

I have spent 20+ years in the kitchen, educating myself, putting in the hours and time to be a great plant based chef. With a plant-based nutrition certification under my belt and manifestation training in Universal Law, I have all the tools needed to empower you be the CEO of your health and the kitchen as well. 

Inspiring Healing, Happiness, Creativity, &

Self Love.

From a la carte workshops, to one-on-one coaching, to the all inclusive healing & cooking masterclass, you have come to the right place for healing.

We all struggle with will power and self control. We self-sabotage and make excuses. Limiting beliefs are deeply engrained and embedded in who we are. Often hard to spot. Unlearning fears opens up new healing doors.

1:1 Coaching

Health is much more than eating vegetables and drinking green juice. "Dis-ease" often stems from a combination of physical, emotional and mental blocks. Ideally the mind and body work together.

3 Day Health Challenge

Following recipes is so time consuming and feels like a chore. One of the best gifts you can give yourself is learning to cook from the soul. Restock your pantry, tap into your creativity and unlock confidence.

Intuitive Cooking

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