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1:1 Get The Glow Program

Your Time is Now! Commit to taking control of your health!

Short time only (ends Monday Nov 28, 2022). In addition to 8 private health coaching sessions with me, you will receive 8 weeks of Intense learning. What it includes:

  • Setting and Accomplishing Your (wildest) Health Goals.
  • Archive of audio and video self empowerment coaching. 
  • Reprogram the Subconscious Limiting Beliefs to help you acheive goals you never thought you could.
  • A deep raw food cellular CLEANSE that targets heavy metal flushing, cleaning out cellular fat & toxin storage, rehydrating the cells and organs, high enzyme consumption, gut healing, a plethora of mineral and vitamins for optimal skin, hair, nails and ENERGY.
  • Radical Self Love Workshop.
  • Save money and time in the kitchen.
  • Stress, shame, guilt and anxiety management through systematic desensitization and thought & emotion control. 
  • Worksheets, Meditation, Journals & Practices to experience deep spiritual growth and inner healing while calming the nervous system and practicing being in the present moment and controlling your mind and body.
  • Live Coaching Calls to keep you accountable. 
  • Find joy and energy again. 
  • Create new brain pathways, new habits, routines that are in alignment with your biggest health and wellness goals and dreams.
  • Plant-based Nutrition 101 which will help you gain confidence in the kitchen, shopping for ingredients and cooking. 
  • Self love and self care practices.
  • Lose the weight you can't seem to lose. 
  • Control chronic pain, inflammation, and even autoimmune symptoms with my auto immune protocol. 

$2000 Is A Steal:

  • My 6 Step Approach to Healing, health & happiness course($2,200 value)
  • Mind Mastery Course ($500)
  • 8, live, 1 hour coaching calls ($2250 value)
  • My 80 page plant-based recipe book ($60 value)
  • Plant-based Nutrition Mini Course ($400)
  • Intuitive Cooking Mini Course ($1000 value)
  • Cleanse & Pantry Organization ($200 value)
  • Self Love & Values module ($200 value)
  • Audio, videos, assessments and homework 
  • Manifesting and Law of Attraction masterclass ($500 value)

$7,035 worth of education and coaching. For only $2000  

You've waited long enough...why not start making radical change in your life, now? 

Get ready for 8 weeks of consciousness shifting and complete health and body transformation.

What People Are Saying:

What I have been taught here in the past 6 weeks has literally changed my life. I feel extremely balanced and definitely notice a new inner and outer glow! I feel amazing. I sleep better. I feel stronger, and I am balanced. Take this program, it will change your life!


“Thanks for helping me remember how delicious food can be! 👏❤️😋 I didn’t think that was possible for me, maybe even ever again as awful as my digestive trend has been for years. I would have never guessed healthy vegan food could do what it’s done for my digestion! “


I had no expectations what-so-ever and have never thought of eating a raw vegan or plant-based diet until meeting Juli. She has so many quick, education, simple recipes. It turns out that eating a (raw vegan) plant-based diet is incredible. After doing her cleanse, my wife and I not only felt amazing and lost so much weight, but we had such a good time and good momentum; it just got easier and we felt so comfortable in the kitchen. It's been two months and we are still eating vegan. This was so unexpected, since we both came from households where we're used to eating a typical American diet. The best part of the process was how wonderful we feel everyday. Feeling alive in the early mornings, enjoying deep rested full nights sleep, and experiencing more clarity during the day time. I highly recommend Juli's coaching.

Gary Evans

Juli’s program completely opened my eyes to what I was doing incorrectly in my diet. I thought I was eating really well! Everything is connected, from what you eat to your thoughts and actions. This course just brings it all together. Thank you so much, Juli! I am healing and feel a lot better.

Rishon Wagner